DJ Waater - One Life [2008 mix] + more ...

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DJ Waater - One Life [2008 mix] + more ...
in Seattle
(submitted by Waater )

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nice work
this set twists and rips. i love it. - Sean , posted 12/04/08
DJ Waater - One Life [2008 mix] + more ...
After two years in the making, through many long dusted roads. From the edges
of unsanity, to fields of bliss and heart..., One life to live, and one live to Love.

DJ Waater : One Life [2008]
Molecular - Portland, OR [Northwest America]
A conceptual journey in, through psychedelic-goa trance.


01 Digital Talk - Nekromantik

02 Oil - Behemot
[VA . Acid Transmission, Trishula Records]

03 Electrypnose - Tricky Noise
[VA . Liquid Mind,]

04 Ocelot - Decide (For) Yourself
[VA . Into the Void, Underground Sound Promotions]

05 Bodhisattva 13:20 - Equations 1
[Swiss Label, Unreleased]

06 DarkShiRe vs Detonator - Freakdafunkup Rmx
[VA . Tapasya, Omveda Records]

07 Oood - durka durka
[Fourthought, Phar Psyde Records]

08 Calamar Audio - Taas Hinkataan
[Tentacle Tubuc, Antiscarp Records]

09 Maniac Bubbles - Patty's Paradise
[VA . No Strings Attached, Parvati Records]

Total Time 61m11s

Thank you to the artists for permission for use of these tracks!
Special thanks to all the freaks on the dancefloor keeping it real.
To my Family, extended and beyond, none of this would been
possible without your love, support, and inspiration.

Created with Pentium 4 3.20GB 775, 3gb DDR RAM, E-MU 1212m
Allen & Heath: Xone-62 and 2 Pioneer CDJs (1x CDJ-100s /
CDJ-700s) and Steinberg Wavelab 5.01b. Album cover design
by Erik Utterback:

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Episode 010: Summer's Solstice 2008 (Podcast from, and a special Glitch/IDM live dj set circa' 2003, recently recovered from the archives, via website.

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Enjoy your trip! - Waater , posted 12/04/08

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