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Looking for a new space and new place. Community diversity, conscious open, pro-active, musicially preferred but willing to work with household. Please get in touch! Looking forwards to the possibilities.:)

love & light,
~ Waater

Here is a little description of myself I made via craigslist.

Myself, I am artist, musician/dj, host of events, graphical and web designer and school by trade working on my license to become a
massage practitioner for further time. I believe in co-op sensed environments, however not manditory. I enjoy composting and
socializing, hosting people when coming through town and helping those who are in need. I am as well, vegan mostly with an open mind.
Smoking is ok for me as well, but I like to keep this outside..or other, perhaps indoor. I as well come equipped with a nargila
(shisha/hookah) that I picked up prior whilst traveling back in Turkiye. I also, enjoy travel.

DJ., I played in turkiye for the soulclipse festival during this time. I have been a host of many gatherings and likeness towards
goa/psychedelic trance. Here is our website if you like to see ::

VEGAN, well, not necessarily, more in a sense of freegan to vegan, as I am free to eating as something is arranged. Eating with others
from worldy places, sometimes calls for other styles of foods. I feel it is a dishonor to an animal that is cooked for you, just to
turn it away. In some senses, I feel it is my duty as a vegan to honor the animal in it's own life.

MUSIC, yes I host a variety. We wish to bring people to higher levels of consciousness through trancedance environments and bring the
people to happiness and newness. Sometimes I like to host, and find other places, for people and friends from many regions. However,
always flexible and work very organically.

Sensibility; I am charming, warm, compassionate and open. I feel touch is necessary in our daily lives so I like to help where I can.
I can be sometimes over sensitive and as well, however I want to make what works best for everyone, including myself, with whatever a
situation may call for.

The only thing I might be looking for if at all possible, is somewhere to setup a massage table if I were to be hosting others for my
current practice. I am not so sure as I don't know the exact likeness of this space. so this could be helpful in resolution towards
the search. Looking forwards.


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